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A Local Moving Company in Jeffersonville, IN

Moving can be tough and dangerous if you choose DIY. Being a local moving company in Jeffersonville, IN, we manage your stress and give you peace of mind, bringing a level of unmatched professionalism. Our wide range of moving services can fit any moving needs, whether residential or commercial. With years of industry-leading experience, we have the expertise and modern tools to make your upcoming move an enjoyable experience. We will keep you satisfied from start to finish, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Our Reputation

We have been serving Jeffersonville, IN, for many years and have become the most trusted company.

Reliable Estimates

After discussing your details in depth, we offer no-obligation estimates to give you peace of mind.

Expert Team

We have an in-house team of highly trained and experienced professionals to provide superior customer service.

Moving Process


For a seamless moving experience, we discuss customer requirements in detail and offer a free estimate to get started.

Getting Items Move-Ready

For a safe move, we pack items and make a checklist for your peace of mind. You are ready to go!


We transport your items to your destination and assist you with unpacking there. We will leave you satisfied.

Our Commitment

Square Foot Movers is committed to building long-lasting relationships by offering the highest professionalism and the safest transportation.

Friendly Service

Adapt Your Needs

No Hidden Fee